Nestled among the lush rolling hills of Middle Georgia in the historic and beautiful town of Monticello, resides our family owned micro-farm named HydroStarr Gardens, LLC. We are passionate about selling produce with your and our own health in mind, which is why we grow locally sourced hydroponic "Farm-To-Table" produce that is fresh, clean, healthy and nutritious.

We believe that environmental sustainability begins at home, which is why our micro-farm uses a grow system called Hydroponics.  In General, Hydroponics is the process of growing produce using mineral nutrients and water. The water distributes the nutrients directly to the produce roots, without the use of soil. Hydroponic farming uses less water, land, and fossil fuel versus soil based farming.  We are proud to state that our produce is grown organically without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides.